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Wangai Property ltd provides Civil and Environmental Engineering services to our clients. From the development approval stage to the operational works phase, from the tender phase to the construction and project management phase, we can help you ensure your project runs smoothly, to scope, on budget and on time.

road construction in kenya

Road Construction

bridge construction

Bridge Construction

tunnel construction in kenya

Tunnel Construction

sewer work

Sewer Lines

Our premier civil Contracting division company specializing in earthwork; roadway construction; bridge construction; building and site demolition; and utility infrastructure including storm drainage, sanitary sewer, water distribution, and electrical/telecommunication distribution in the Kenyan Region. The companies principles have successfully performed work for a wide range of owners, counties, and general contractors in industries including utility infrastructure, transportation, commercial, residential, institutional and industrial complexes. We are committed to excellence through every aspect of your project. What can we build for you?

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